CloneDVD2 Error

When trying to backup Master & Commander to my hard drive, I get the following error:

The partition where you want to store the image file named

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon\My Documents\My Movies\MASTER_AND_COMMANDER.iso

does not support files larger than 4GB.

Please cancel and choose another partition to write the image file to.

Can anyone tell me where to go to change this setting? I’m using WinXP Pro.



Are you running FAT32?


You wll not be able output any 1 single file >1GB to a fat32 formatted drive.

Use the output method ‘DVD Files’ to get around this problem

Thanks for the help! :iagree:

I converted my system to NTFS and it corrected the problem. I just bought a new system and didn’t realize that FAT32 limited your file size to 4GB.