CloneDVD2 error message

Hi. New to the forum, hoping to get some much needed help. (And please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong place.)

I have been trading DVDs of concert footage on many message boards for awhile now. However, I’m at the mercy of receiving a good copy from someone. Every so often, I’ll get a disc with an error message and, despite my best intentions, my lack of technical knowledge gets in my way and nothing gets accomplished.

Someone on a forum on a trading site recommended I stop here because they’d seen so many things answered. I did a bit of searching (both before and after registering) and as of this moment, my head’s still spinning from all the jargon about which I have NO clue.

Anyway, the particular disc I’m working on right now has been unburnable since I first got it a few years ago. It’d be a wonderful turn of events if I could include it among my collection available for trade. But, here’s the message I’m getting. Any clues about a solution?

I’m running Windows XP on my Sony VAIO. My burner is a Sony DVD RW DRU-710A. The software is Elby’s CloneDVD2. I also have AnyDVD. I’ve included info from it as well. If there’s anything I haven’t provided, please let me know and I’ll do my best to find out (although, off hand anyway, I have no more techincal knowledge than that).

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read all of this/tries to help me solve this previously insurmountable problem.

OK, I noticed that your Anydvd isn’t the latest version of and is your Clonedvd version Download the latest and try to copy it again. Does the source disk your trying to copy play on standalone players? How does the surface look from a visual inspections? Also make sure you don’t have the Sony burner program installed as that is notorious for problems with slysoft products. Also is the burner firmware the latest? Have you tried to just use glass lens cleaner solution and cloth to clean the surface to improve reading? When was the last time you clean the laser lens in the burner? Sometimes a dirty laser lens could be part of the problem.

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I think the OP deserves the “Benefit of the doubt” here, this could be any kind of concert footage, it could be his own band for all you know. While reading the forum rules could be benefical to all, there is no rule broken here.

There are several bands that don’t mind if their concerts are recorded and traded because it gives them a lot of free publicity for when they do release studio albums. But, getting back to the problem, I have found on some dvd’s that ejecting and loading several times sometimes helps. Also, clean it as suggested.