CloneDVD2 error message while using DL Disc

Hello all,

I am new here, and I was looking to get some info if I can. I just got a new computer, so I dont know all the bells and whistles on it just yet.
The problem I am having though, is I just recently installed

CloneDVD 2 v2.8.5.1 &
AnyDVD v5.8.3.1

I tried to copy several DVDs using single DVDs, and had no problem, but when I tried to copy the same DVDs using DVD+R DLs, I kept getting the same error message:

“source data too large”
Details: “WriteDVD 14 W2”

My computer is Compaq Presario SR1750NX Desktop
The DVD writer is: Lite-on TSST Corp. CD/DVDW TS-H552L
Driver: Microsoft 5.1.2535.0 on 7/1/2001
Firmware: ???

(16X DVD(+/-)R/RW DL LightScribe drive
must use Double-Layer media discs in order to take advantage of the DL technology
must use LightScribe-enabled media discs and supporting software in order to take advantage of the LightScribe technology
Port type Quantity
DVD+R DL Write Once 2.4X
DVD+R Write Once 16X
DVD+RW Rewritable 4X
DVD-R Write Once 8X
DVD-RW Rewritable 4X
DVD ROM Read 16X
CD-R Write Once 40X
CD-RW Rewritable 24X
CD-ROM Read 40X)
Additional Software preloaded on computer:
CD/CD-RW/DVD/DVD+RW WinDVD 5 Player Basic (with optional 7.1 upgrade)
Sonic DigitalMedia Plus 7.04
Sonic MyDVD Plus 6.2
Sonic DigitalMedia Archive 2

I tried both Memorex Double Layer DVD+Rs & Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R DL. I tried burning at Max speed, and at lower speeds, still got same error.

Has anybody else experienced this dilemma?? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Did you change from DVD 5 to DVD DL in the CloneDVD 2 media selection box?

Thanks for the reply bilbo. I did change it. Ran the first couple times onto single dvds at DVD 5, and had no problem what so ever. Just when I try to copy to DLs, changed the selection box to DVD DL, tried all different ways to try to get it to work, everything I have tried, doesnt work…

Since I don’t burn DLs, then I’m out of suggestions…

are you copying a pressed disc? have you ripped it to your hard drive?

if it’s on your hard drive, then how big (in GB) is the source data?

also are you using the “clone a dvd” (or copy dvd titles) function in clonedvd2 or are you using “write existing data”?

i have tried clone a dvd, copy dvd titles, etc… i have tried to copy as a temporary file, i have tried to copy from my hard drive. i have tried several different dvds to no avail, everytime I hear “OH NO” error with the DLs. Most of the files when on my hard drive, are no bigger than 7.5 GB, the DL discs hold 8.5 GB. We set it up on a friends computer, DLs worked fine on that one. So, maybe I have another software conflict, I dont know.
Also, i have copied data to DLs from my hard drive using the MyDVD software preloaded on the computer, so i know the drive works…

the best way to burn DL discs is NOT with clonedvd2.

my suggestion:

use DVD Decrypter in ISO>READ mode to rip the disc to your hard drive. This gives you a .iso and a .mds file.

load the .mds file in IMGBurn (this file contains ALL of the original layer break info. CloneDVD2 does not have this capability) and go ahead and burn.

some people have no problems with clonedvd2 for DL burning, but the fact is that to get the best burns possible you should be trying to keep the copy as close to the original and retaining the layer break info.

this doesn’t really explain your problem you were having, but I really really recommend you try to get used to DL burning in this way. It’s widely accepted as “better” and there aren’t too many things you can say are better than another in the world of DVD burning. Many times it comes down to personal preference, but I will go on record as saying that the DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn method is definitely preferable to any other.

If you want to stick with CloneDVD2 i understand. Some people don’t like to learn different software. I can’t think of any answers as to why you’d be getting that message so maybe someone else can help you out.

thanks reason. I already have dvd decrypter, didnt know about IMGBurn. I just downloaded it and will give it a test drive…

img burn is dvd decrypter minus a ripper and plus an enhanced burning engine. i think you’ll find it looks very familiar (same developer as DVDD)