Was reading some threads and they said that clonedvd from is a subpar program…eventhough it works oky for me,it has trouble with some dvds and compressing them…
I downloaded clonedvd2(trial version;,and was trying to figure it out…Do I need another program to copy to HD,and then used clone to write to disk? Or am I just not doing it right???
starts with: copy dvd titles, clone dvd; write existing data …IF I click on first two I get to ‘title configuration’ and thats as far as I get…

CloneDVD2 can backup an original DVD (i.e. copyprotected) only if you use it with AnyDVD (driver, working in the background, taking care of protection, etc.). So, first install AnyDVD. Reboot. Enable AnyDVD. Put the DVD in the tray. Click on CloneDVD2. Choose your preference: titles, 1:1, copy written data). Proceed with copying. When asked insert a blank DVD. Done.

I hope this can be answered here. I downloaded both CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD to take advantage of the free 21 day trial period to see if this would work for backing up my DVD’s. I copied three DVD’s, and two out of three work in all 4 of the DVD players in my home as well as on my laptop, but the one movie would not play in two of my home DVD players. Can anyone explain why this would happen? I had to get these two products because someone sold me a copy of DVD X-copy platinum that cannot be activated because the company that made it went out of business.

What brand media are you using? What burner & firmware do you have?

The media I am using is Fugifilm 8X DVD-R. As far as the burner and firmware, I have no idea. The computer I am using is a Gatway M675X Laptop with a 2.8g processor, 512mb ram, 60 gig HD and the burner is a 4X DVD+RW/DVD-RW, but like I said, I have no idea what brand or what the firmware is. I don’t even know what firmware is. Thanks for any help. I just don’t understand why the one movie wouldn’t play in some of my players.