CloneDVD2 DVD RW Problems - PLEASE HELP!

Hi and thanks in advance for your help.

I have been successfully splitting DVD movies onto DVD 4.7 GB RW disks. Once complete they play back on my PC fine with all menus, subtitles, etc retained as if the original DVD. However they will not play back on my DVD player/recorder (Panasonic - DMR-E50). The DVD player just states no read. For DVD 8.5GB dual layer media they play fine on both PC and DVD player, I just can’t get the split disks to play. Any ideas why?

Check out for media and your DVD player compatibility here. :slight_smile:

You may also check if your drive supports bitsetting.

Thanks. Have just checked both web sites. It is compatible with DVD-RW. Upon reading bitsetting should I therefore try and change the booktype to DVD-ROM in order that my DVD player is fooled into accepting it. The DVD manual says that only DVD-RW that have been ‘finalised’ in the DVD player/recorder will be accepted, however for DVD RW media that is burnt on PC you cannot do this as the DVD player/recorder just reads ‘no read’ when I put the disk in