CloneDVD2 & DVD-RAM Setting & NEC ND-3550A & Booktype Mystery

This is a complex question bordering on a mystery. My quick questions are what the DVD-RAM setting is for in CloneDVD2 and whether this setting with or without the Nec ND 3550A Booktypes a +R disc in an Nec drive? Here is the background:

I have two external burners (Sony 810UL & Plextor 750UF). I primarily use DVD43 and Nero Ultra (Nero Recode) and I am pleased with the results. I only use Verbatim +R media and I always Booktype when using the Sony or Plextor as I never know what stand-a-lone player I will be using in my school. Nero does the Booktyping for the Sony and I use Booktype Management 8.4 for the Plextor. I also needed to replace an internal burner and I settled on a 3550A (F/W 1.06) based on the positive reviews in Newegg. I didn’t do enough research or I would have realized this is a tough drive to Booktype.

I was very unhappy with a recent upgrade nightmare with Nero so I tried the trial versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Unlike Nero, I realized that ConeDVD2 does not have a Booktype option and the Nec doesn’t like to be Booktyped.

Here is what I did: I backed up a movie using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. My setting was DVD-RAM and I burned to a +R disc. I placed the completed disc in my –R player and it played. It shouldn’t have but it played I used Nero Utilities to see if the Booktype was DVD-ROM but it was still +R. Yet, it played on my –R player and it shouldn’ have. Every disc I ever Booktyped on my Sony or Plextor showed as being changed to DVD-ROM. I selected the DVD-RAM option in CloneDVD2 thinking it was a typo and that the “A” was supposed to be an “O”.

I’m impressed with AnyDVD and ConeDVD2 but would like to know whether this was a fluke or what is going on. If The Nec allows +R discs to be played on -R systems by selecting DVD-RAM, this is an undocumented bonus.

Thanks - Jeff


If you are concened with the 3550A and bitsetting then I suggest you head over and read about liggy’s and dee’s patched firmwares. All firmwares support full bitsetting and media speed ups and tweaks, but come at a cost that you loose you drives warrenty.

Have a look at

The latest being 1.Y6 for the ND-3550A.

My quick questions are what the DVD-RAM setting is for in CloneDVD2

This setting adjusts the target size CloneDVD will adhere to 4.7 GB for a single sided or 9.4GB for a double sided disk RAM disk.

@ jeff53404,

I concur with Forum Member PeebZ suggestion in visiting Ligg’s & Dee’s Web Page and looking in their BitSetting Firmware for the NEC ND-3550. Using Ligg’s & Dee’s BitSetting Firmware makes BitSetting +R DVD Media to book type DVD-ROM very easy. I have two NEC ND-3550s that are using Ligg’s/Dee’s BitSetting Firmware and these drives work faultlessly.

AnyDVD and DVD43 have sever conflict problems. If you are using AnyDVD ensure that all instance of DVD43 are completely removed to prevent conflict errors.

On another note I believe you are confused concerning BitSetting +R DVD Media to book type setting DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM Media. There is a world of difference between DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM.

DVD-RAM is a particular re-writeable Media similar to DVD±RW Media. Most DVD devices do not support DVD-RAM. Below is a WikiPedia article concerning DVD-RAM Media.

Below is a WikiPedia article explaining exactly what DVD-ROM is.

Quite possibly a lot of your problem is your confusion DVD-ROM with DVD-RAM. There is remarkable difference between the two as is explained in the two referenced WikiPedia articles.

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Thanks for the response & support.

I’ve been Booktyping for quite some time (with Sony & Plextor) and the DVD-ROM Booktype option always works in my entry level Denon 1710 player. The DVD-ROM discs also work in my PC. The DVD-RAM setting from DVDClone2 also plays on the Denon but I didn’t expect it to work. What is still a mystery is why the +R media (using DVDClone2’s DVD-RAM option) plays when the Denon says it is a –R only player.

What really blew me away was when I reread the Denon’s owner’s manual. It says the following (note that the all caps & exclamation are Denon’s – not mine).

“NEVER playback the following discs. Otherwise, malfunction may result!
Photo CD
Video CD
DVD with Region codes other than 1 or ALL
DVD-ROM for personal computers
CD-ROM for personal computers”

The key words are “malfunction may result”. So far, Booktyping has worked very well and so has the DVD-RAM setting in DVDClone2. I wonder if I can feed the Denon anything & everything. Denon seems to be way too conservative.

P. S. I’ve been looking at Liggy for quite some time as my Booktyping guru said they were a must read. As my other burners support DVD-ROM, I’m in no rush & I need to get a little more comfortable before I go in a more radical direction.

Thanks Again