Clonedvd2 & dual layer



Will clonedvd2 support the writing of dual layer media and how soon?


Yes, and very soon.


Thanks olli

Great product


olli, can’t wait to use my new Sony DRU-700A to burn onto a DL disc. I have to agree with steved, CloneDVD2 is a great product.


I will be getting a DL burner very shortly and have some DVDs I’d like to copy. I have a lot of disk space, so I’d like to create an ISO suitable for DL now. I know the defaukt is for a SL disk, but the size can ve changed manually. What would I put for a DL disk? I know they supposedly hold 8.5gigs, but I have also seen some info about 4.7gig disks holding 4.35gigs. Thanks


@artoo the dvd’s say that they hold 4.7 gigs but they really hold 4.35 because in japan (or where ever they made the dvd standard) they count btyes by 1000 bytes is 1 kb, even though 1004 bytes is 1 kb.


I am aware of the reasoning behind it, and it’s actualy 1024, not 1004. I see it as a marketing ploy as well, all types of media are sold like that, and it’s particularly noticeable when purchasing large hard drives.

But back to my original question, should I just calculate (or google) for how much data I can store on a DL disk and set that as the custome size when making the isos?


Excellent program and the one I recommend to others.

We have lots of new DL drive users now, since the _51S@832S release, itching to use CloneDVD2, including me. How soon is very soon, now, for the dual layer support.



I have dual layer discs in hand and a dual layer drive itching for some burning action :bigsmile:

Any idea how soon Olli?



Sorry, but I don’t know, this for Elaborate Bytes AG to decide.
AFAIK it has been in beta Test for quite a while already.


Thanks for the prompt response Olli!

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