Clonedvd2 drivers incompatable

I downloaded trial version of clone dvd2 it worked fine for the first couple of burns. What is happening now is an error message about driver incompatability and has to shut.
I read of a similar problem in these pages about spyware and have used ad aware but i still get the same result

system pentium 3 933
448 ram
sony double layer 8* burner

can anyone help

cheers das

@ dasqer,

Please ensure that you are using the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD by visiting SlySoft (

Could you provide more detailed information as to exactly what error message you receive and exactly what process are you conducting when you receive this error?

Also could you provide the Manufacture Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner?

You can use a software utility program similar to DVDInfo Pro ( to acquire the above information on your DVD Burner.

Also perchance do you have any UDF packet writing software applications installed? The flowing are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, Direct CD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrat Just!Burn, File CD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s CliP, NeoClip. Packet writing software applications are very problematic, cause numerous conflict errors, and frankly don’t work as advertised. Strongly suggest removing any and all packet writing software applications.

Items that have proved to be problematic when running in the background while Burning a DVD are some Anti-Virus Programs, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Programs, and Surfing the Internet. Burning a DVD is a demanding task and it is just wise and prudent not to be multi-tasking when Burning a DVD.

Best Regards,

thanks bjkg,

I reinstalled the program and then ran a program called registry fix and this has fixed the problem