CloneDVD2 DL burning problems 2



I refer to my previous post 1 day ago and came across this in CloneDVD facts
The layer-break is not considered to be removed in the near future. We understand that this is a valuable and wanted feature, but we have not yet found an affordable deterministic method to remove it without compromising player compatibility.

You cannot use Region Killer and Any DVD at the same time.
AnyDVD is in fact an updated version of Region Killer.

Why in the ClonDVD log does it say
10:57 Processing started
10:57 Sucessfully removed layer break
10:57 Target size sufficent.Trancoder disabled

would this be why I have had 13 unsuccesful burns in a row.


Welcome to cdf. I thought about your posting for about a half hour before responding. My suspicion is that all the quotes you have posted are irrelevant to your problem.

Have you set CloneDVD to “DL +/-R” on the pulldown menu next to the compression meter?

You said “13 unsuccessful burns” but you have not said in what way they are unsuccessful … did you get an error message? … does it not play in your player? … did cloneDVD not go to the burn phase? …?

What brand and model DVD Writer drive are you using to burn DL?

Are you using Verbatim brand DL +R media or some other brand? ([I]I suspect this is the most probable cause of your issue.[/I]) At this point in time, only Verbatim manufactures reliable double layer +R media.

And also, (for player compatibility) don’t finalize your burns to the +R standard … instead, be sure to booktype (bitset) your backups to the DVD-ROM standard. This is a function of your burner, it’s firmware or a utility program that might have come with your burner or a third party utility such as Nero’s “CD/DVD Speed” utility.

In addition and in case you were not aware: CloneDVD is a transcoder software, not a 1:1 duplicator. CloneDVD [I]will[/I] remove the original layer break (normal behavior) and place it at the end of the chapter closest to the original’s layer break (normal). Double layer backups made with CloneDVD will play fine in any reasonably modern DVD player.

If you want 1:1 duplicates of your originals (including preservation of the original’s layer break), then use CloneCD instead of CloneDVD

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Thanks for your reply, sorry i have been away for a couple of days.
I use a Pioneer DVR111 Firm 1.29, Genuine Verbatim DL media, Vista 6000 and the latest patched AnyDVD,CloneDVD . I always set my speed to 2.4 and DL media, i have not tried you suggestion with the book rom setting I will attempt and repost the result.
The funny thing is the dvd i am using are all from the same 20 pack and this problem started 7 discs in also I can back up/burn to SL Verbatim dvds no problems.
The only error i am getting is when i play the dvd i get a no Disc Error on every player I own so to test this issue is a nightmare because I dont no if its good till i try and play the DVD, Its happened to me on all my 3 pcs With Vista as well and I am starting to think its windows related
thanks thecheif


Whats the latest patched AnyDVD?


AnyDVD 6136


what do you mean by “patched” ?


just as in the latest version sorry if I implied it was somthing else


Okay, it would just make things a little clearer if you referred to them as updates not patches. Just symantics, but it could be construed differently.:iagree: No worries.:wink:


Well just an update I bought some TDK DL+rw media yesterday and have successfully burned 2 discs mabye it was a bad batch of Verbatums (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media)
This I am sure will remain a mystery