CloneDVD2 Dies

When I try to run the app it gets about half way through the ‘creating dvd files’ portion and then the app dies with one of those ‘clone dvd has encountered a problem and needs to close blah blah blah…Please Tell Microsoft about this problem’. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice - No change. I just purchased this and it doesn’t work! Help!

@ thjnz,

Please provide the Exact Error Notification that is displayed when this problem happens. Also provide detailed information on exactly what procedure in CloneDVD you are performing when this Error Notification is displayed.

Also visit SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

On a different not-> Please ensure that you have backed up your Registration Keys on a floppy disk and/or CD and secure them in a safe place.

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I tried to get the message again but this time windows just rebooted automatically out of the blue after the program ran for about 10 minutes. All I am doing is selecting the movie i want to copy, de-selecting all the subtitles and french audio then on the last screen I select my dvd rw as the source to write to and then press go… The error message that pops up appears to be a windows message not a clonedvd message. There is no error number its the standard windows “xyz application has encountered an error and needs to be closed…” message with the two buttons at the bottom to either send or not send the error report

Which version are you using?

latest one from the web. got it from slysoft today -

This sounds to me like a hardware failure (defective RAM, insufficient CPU cooling, weak power supply) or some other software (Virus? Adware?) interfering.

What are your system specs\operating system etc maybe this is the problem…

you have spyware. try using lavasoft’s ad-aware to clean ads and spyware. i’m 99 % sure that’s the problem.