? Clonedvd2, compression problems?



:confused: I’ve had clone DVD 2 for over a year and have used it repeatedly without problems. Since the last update I am unable to copy a movie. I get the same message regardless of whether I make my attempt in “copy dvd titles” or in “clone dvd”. Message as follows:
Source data is too large
This writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested.
To write these files, please use the “Copy DVD Titles” or “Clone DVD” option from the start screen
Details: Write DVD 14 W2

 I have gone back through my set up and all I can think of, now I need additional help. the FAQ did not address this situation. THANK YOU!!


Change the DVD9 setting to DVD5 .:clap:


What DVD9 setting? If it’s the one I’m thinking of it is set to DVD-/+R DL. the media i am using is DVD+R 8X my burner uses this and my dvd player recognizes this. also this is what I used in my previous copies. I don’t remember there being a dvd9 setting please explain it’s location. Thank You.


Did I post my question in the wrong place? I did register, and I thought this was the place to ask questions about Clone DVD 2. If I did I apologize, would you direct me to the proper post? again Thank You.


You have stated that you set CloneDVD to “DVD-/+R DL” (DL means dual or double layer (8.5 GB) casually known as the DVD9 setting). In your next statement you say that you are using DVD+R 8X media. This is not double layer media, it is single layer (SL means single layer, DVD5 or 4.7 GB) media. So CloneDVD can’t burn a dual layer original to single layer media when you have it set for “DVD-/+R DL”. It knows you don’t have DL blank media in the drive.

If you want to use CloneDVD’s “DVD-/+R DL” setting you have to buy double layer media (Verbatim is your best choice)

If you want to use your present DVD+R 8X media, then you must set CloneDVD to “DVD5” and CloneDVD will compress your DVD9 original movie to fit on a DVD5 (4.7GB) blank media … but you loose quality due to compression.

Your third choice is to use CloneDVD’s “Scissors” feature to split the DVD9 original onto two DVD5 single layer blanks. This will keep 100% quality.

Did I post my question in the wrong place? I did register, and I thought this was the place to ask questions about Clone DVD 2. If I did I apologize, would you direct me to the proper post? again Thank You.
Please be aware that this is not Slysoft tech support. Nobody is “on duty”. It’s just a forum of people who help each other out and a couple of passing minutes is not enough time for members to see your posting and respond … cdf is real casual and a bit slower that that.

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Whisperer1, Thank You . I did what you said and it worked beautifly. Who needs tech support with great guys like you helping us PC challenged. I have been entertaining the notion of changing my writer to a dual layer type. query; is the cost of making the switch and the cost of dual layer media justified? If so, what brand name writer would you recommend?


Been at work all day, just got home.

There are many DL writers that are of good quality. You can ask for opinions in the DVD Writer section of cdf. I use the BenQ 1655 (about $40.00 US) and am very pleased with it’s flawless performance. Be sure the burner you buy will booktype +R DL media to the DVD-ROM Standard so you get consistant player compatibility.

But there is only one maker of quality, reliable DL media at this point in time. Buy Verbatim DL +R media.

As far as worth the cost … yes and no. Since I play my backups on pretty hi-end equiptment, I never compress because I refuse to suffer loss of quality. The very special movies in my collection (Gladiator, The Lord Of The Rings series, Special Edition Boxed sets like the Alien Quadrilogy etc., etc.) get backed up on the somewhat more expensive DL media. Other movies get backed up by splitting the DL original onto two SL blanks. For single layer brands, I use Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden only. Ordered online in cake-boxes of 100 the cost including shipping is about .60 U.S. cents per disk or less sometimes if Verbs go on sale at a retail store (TY’s are only available at Web outlets like Rima.com … watch out for cheap “fake” TY’s from some other sources). DL Verbs can be had on sale for about $1.85 U.S. per disk.

.60 x 2 = $1.20 to split a movie VS $1.85 to burn a movie to DL media.

Not too much difference depending on your income and the size of your collection of originals. But unfortunately, some countries don’t enjoy the competative pricing of the US and I don’t know were you live.

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Whisperer1, Again Thank You and I will follow your advice. Imagine, I’m currently watching the “Lord of the Rings Extended version” now for about the 4th time. It was nice chatting with you.