CloneDVD2 coming up coasters

Using “SONY DW-U18A” and the newest version SONY AccuCORE (4.7GB) DVD-R disks From Staples and AnyDVD and CLONEDVD2 …4X speed (I’ve got plenty of time).

For the last 4 DVDs (different movies) I’ve tried to copy, everything goes along swimmingly until CloneDVD2 gets to flushing buffers and writing borders. Then it seems to hang forever. Then I finally get the wonderful little tune that tells me “DONE”. When I try to test play the newly created disc I get Nada. Nothing. Zilch. A coaster. :sad:

I’ve tried copying using a “reader DVD” and then the Sony DW… to burn. (My normal method) Then tried copying and burning using only the Sony DW… switching to a blank disk when asked for…Same result :sad:

Is the Sony DW… dead :sad: , and it’s time for a new one? No problem … (looking at the LiteON/Sony 830…anyone got a better alternative, if necessary). :frowning: Or, is there something evil and incideous afoot? :frowning:

I did reinstall the 2.9.03 just incase something got fouled. Nothing changed.

Update your firmware and burn at 8x before considering software the issue. Even better yet would be to crossflash to Liteon firmware, but at least use Sony’s latest.

Thanks for the comeback, guy…but, there “ain’t no” newer firmware versions than the one I am using. At least I have not found any. The burner is at least two years old, and it’s not even listed anymore. I did look for newer ones. I could not find any. Tried to find the LiteOn firmware that equated with this model with no luck.

I thought that burning at higher speeds is one way of incurring problems. I was burning at 4x to reduce problems.

can you try and burn a data disc (DVD) or back up a movie that you already backed up, just to test the drive

The sony disks that are failing are newer than the firmware version you are using so your drive probably has no writing strategy for the sony accucores. About ten months ago sony switched from taiyo yuden made in japan as their supplier to having them made in Taiwan. When a drive has no writing strategy for a certain media it defaults to a “generic” strategy which is probably your problem.

Try ordering Taiyo Yuden -R 8x disks from and they will probably work for you the same as the old type sonys.

I suppose your drive could be dying(?) If you get a replacement, buy a new drive from a manufacturer who doesn’t abandon you high & dry without firmware upgrades. If you go with a new drive, switch your media standard to TY or Verbatim +R disks and bitset (booktype) your backups to DVD-ROM for way more compatibility.

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Bjproc and Whisperer1:
Hey, I never thought of the incompatability of the new SONY’s with the the older drivers. Oy, and here I thought that Sony was the one I could rely on … Sony machine/Sony media … it made sense. I have been using the newer ones since they came out with no problem. I am on my third spindle of 50.
Now that you mentioned, I did burn a copy of my Karate Kid (the foyst one) just before I played it … Ah, Myaggi-San! - we miss you Pat! … for my wife the other day, and it burned fine. I used the same new AccuCORE. It’s a puzzlement.

But, the TY’s are the best. But, I get the Sony’s for free!!! :frowning: I guess you get(s) what you pay(s) for it. I like the -R’s. They play the best in a wide range of players. Especially my Pioneer DVR510H and the other Sony’s players in the house.

I guess it’s time for a new burner. :frowning: Anyone have a good idea for the new one to get? OOPs, that’s another thread, ain’t it. Let’s see if anyone has another idea … unless I am beating a dead horse. What you guys think?

@ eterman,

Your Sony DVD RW DW-U18A is actually a rebadged Lite-On SOHW-812S. The Lite-On SOHW-812S also can be crossed flashed to Lite-On SOHW-832S (812S@832S).

For information on how to crossflash your Sony DVD RW DW-U18A to a Lite-On SOHW-832S (812S@832S) suggest visiting The CodeGuys Web Page (

Your Sony DVD RW DW-U18A is getting a little old. There are many excellent newer DVD Burners available. I personally would NEVER ever recommend anyone to purchase anything with the Sony name on it. Their products are extremely overpriced and quite frankly are NOT on the cutting edge of technology. If you are interested in purchasing a replacement DVD Burner for your Sony DVD RW DW-U18A suggest visiting the CD Freaks DVD Burner Forum ( and review the postings in the “DVD Burner User Reviews and Comments” Forum (

Also I would suggest using blank DVD Media other than Sony Media. As Forum Member Whisperer1 points out even Sony Media cannot be trusted for constant reliable quality. Stick with Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim blank Media and you should not have any problems.


Thanks for the last word. I will follow your input. For my 66th birthday - Thursday - I will get me a new burner. And, some new media. Thanks for the efforts guys. See ya on the forum.
E. T.