Clonedvd2 cant read descent vob1.01 file

help im running anydvd 6.1.0 and clonedvd2 with a maxtor 6lo20j1 hard drive reading the disk in a hldtstrw dvd drive burning on a hp dvd writer 640c all running v5.1.25350 drivers tried backing up descent onto verbatum dvdr disk any dvd says it cracked the files but clone dvd2 cant read the vob1.01 file and stops any suggestions on why this is happening??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

@ Dragonstar -

It would be helpful if you provided the exact complete Error Code(s) and Error Notification Narrative(s) you are receiving.

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oops in clonedvd2 it just stops at 97% nero recode says failed to read from file vts _01_1.vob invalid access to memory location sorry for the confusion it was late and i was trying to back up in my sleep lol