CloneDVD2 burns very slow

Burned an iso file (Collateral DVD) (4,35 GB) with 3 different programs.

My dvd-writer: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A (fw 1.04)
Media used: DVD-R RiTEKG05 8X

Nero burning time: 09.42:22
CopyToDVD3 burning time: 09.53:34
CloneDVD burning time: 28.40:34

Why is CloneDVD2 burning this slow? (28 minutes for 8X media!!!)

What version of CloneDVD2 are you using?

What speed did you set clone to burn @? Those other numbers are kinda high for 8X burns also, Do you have the lastest firmware for your drive?

Installed NEC’s latetest firmware, and that seems to have solved my slow burning problem with clonedvd2

it takes me an average 1hr 20mins to rip and burn a dvd… seems kind of long.

this is my first experience with burning dvds.

Check your UDMA mode make sure you are not in PIO.

Hello Folks,

The below link provides detailed information on how to set your devices to use the DMA mode for quicker DVD copying.

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