CloneDVD2-Burn Doesn't Finish

Seems there is allways something. After writing most of the time it is 100% and says buffering or whatever and doesn’t finish. Is it me? Love this program though.

mine does the same thing! I have an hp burner with lightscribe and clonedvd2 gets to 100% and when flushing the buffer it locks up and I have to shut down the computer manually before I can get the disc out. any help!

Use CloneDVD to write the data to the hard drive (FILE MODE). Then use NERO to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to your DVD using DVD MOVIE mode. If this does not work, then CloneDVD is not the problem.

Most people don’t have this problem with CloneDVD. Shutdown all other applications running in the background including firewall and antivirus.

Was there ever a solution to this issue?

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