CloneDVD2, BenQ-1640 or Fuji DL Media = :sad:King Kong


I’ve had this BenQ 1640 Burner for some 3 or 4 months now and it’s been great buning Single Layer Media from Various Manufacturers. :flower: (I typically use DVD+Rs and it’s got BSOB frimware.) I really got the 1640 to suppliment my Plextor PX-708A, as it’s an 8X burner and I wanted something to do 16X and Dual Layer disks after a disaster with a now returned Plextor PX-716A.

Anyway, I finally got around to trying some Dual Layer Media and picked up 3 Fuji Disks (really RICHOJPN D00) and was backing up a friends King Kong disk. I used AnyDVD & CloneDVD (quite recent versions on my 2.8 GHz P3 with a Gig of RAM - so the box is adequate. QSuite is installed but left to Default settings.)

I first created an ISO and then burned it at maximum with CloneDVD.(The Plextor was the reader.) It seems to play okay in my PC (I haven’t watched all of it -only a few minutes as I’m really into testing the process now rather than watching the movie.) but Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.11 will not even complete a Quality Scan of the disk.

So I mounted the ISO (using Alcohol’s Virtual Drive as I gave back the disk.), and created the second DVD by making DVD Files with CloneDVD and later used “Write Existing Data” after updating to latest Clone & Any DVD versions. Nero CD-DVD Speed will now read the disk but the Quality is Zero :doh:. (Take a look below)

Do you have any Idea what’s up before I make coaster number 3? Thanks for the assist. :cool:

if it plays it’s technically not a coaster, but you do have a few problems on your hands

at the moment the only really trusted DL discs are verbatim (MKM 001)

anydvd and clonedvd2 can burn DL discs, but to make a true 1:1 copy, clonecd is recommended instead of clonedvd (disregard the names…clonecd is a quite good 1:1 copy utility regardless of whather it’s CD or DVD)

also, don’t set burn speed to max. leave it at the rated speed for your media.

a free alternative if you don’t already have or don’t want to purchase clonecd (and very good way to burn DL discs) is the following:
with anydvd in background rip the discs using DVD Decrypter in “ISO>READ” mode.
load the resulting .MDS file into ImgBurn and burn at the rated speed.

my guess is that the media and the burn speed are your biggest issues though. try to get a hold of some Verbs and you should see an improvement.

also, i know this board is FULL of quality scans and it’s easy to get in the mindset that if it’s not a 99 QS then it’s a “bad” disc. This is obviously not the case. Just be advised that scanning is addictive and can be torturous if yo’re a perfectionist! :wink:


Thanks for the feedback. I should have mentioned the second burn was done at 2-2.4 X (the rating on the Fuji Disks). I was a huge fan of Oli’s CloneCD years ago, but it got leap frogged by Alcohol 120% for some protected games, and I haven’t tried it in ages.

I fell in love with CloneDVD and I guess try to use it for all my DVD Back-up needs. If it’s really a Media issue, I’ll see if I can grab some Verbatim (MKM 001) for the next time.

if you have a disc left, you might be able to get a good burn with the other method I described. (dvd decrypter and Imgburn with anydvd in background)

DL media tests have been decidedly skewed towards verbatim discs as the accepted standard for “quality”

that doesn’t mean you can’t get a perfectly good burn out of a different media ID though.

i’m just hesitant to use clonedvd for DL burning (even though it can be done) since it’s a transcoder…why use a transcoder for a 1:1 backup.

if you’re removing items from the backup then you’re messing with the layer break on the disc. clonedvd, by definition as a transcoder, cannot retain the original layer break. It inserts its own, and often does so very nicely, but the original layer break is obviously optimal so my view is why mess with it?

clonecd or the dvdd/imgburn method i describe both retain your original layer break. this may be a major contributing factor to your problem since your large spike in errors is almost exclusively at the layer break.

none of the above is meant to diss clonedvd at all. i use it for 100% of my SL backups. you have to admit though that the fact that elby included 1:1 dvd backup in clonecd is an admission that clonedvd2 might not be the best choice (or at least not the only choice) for successful DL burning.

there are a ton of people who use clonedvd2 for DL burning with no problems. I’ve had problems.

it would be nice to have a one-stop shop for all of your decryption, backup, burning needs, but that one program doesn’t exist…although the entire package from slysoft (clonedvd2, anydvd, clonedvd mobile, and clonecd) are about as close as you can get to this ideal!