CloneDVD2: Audio Streams?

When i get the Audio and Subtitle Settings screen when using CloneDVD2 it has audio streams and then has
English Dolby AC-3/6
English Dolby AC-3/2
English DTS/6
French Dolby AC-3/6
English Dolby AC-3/2 director’s comment
All i want to burn onto dvd is the english movie with no extras. So i know i dont need the last two but which of the first three do i need? Thanks in advance for the help

Please help, anybody.

Welcome to the forum bb013,

AC3 and DTS are just different audio formats. The /2 and /6 are the number of channels. In theory DTS has a better dynamic range (the diff between the loudests louds and the softest sound), however it uses up more MB of space than AC3. Also you need a DTS decoder card to play DTS format audio , so unless you have a A/V receiver that does this > then no sound .

Unless you are a high end audiophile I recommend checking the AC3 / 6 and AC3 / 2 boxes in Clonedvd2 and you’ll save more room for video quality and the sound will be just fine. Uncheck the DTS / 6. the reason you need to check both ac3 /6 and /2 is the 2 channel is used for the extras…you know the directer’s comments etc. so if you leave that off, your special features might be missing the audio.