CloneDVD2 as a decryptor?

I want use DVD Rebuilder with CCE to get the best possible quality… DVD-RB only lets you do the complete DVD and has no flexibility on what to keep and what to cut.

My question is: Can I use CloneDVD2 combined with AnyDVD to decrypt the DVD to my HD? If in CloneDVD2 I choose ‘custom compression’ and set it to 100% (no compression) is the program going to act as a pure decryptor. I do not want to use its transcoding engine, for I would later use Rebuilder w/ CCE to complete that.

yes this works, you have to set a user defined disk size

Sure. But using AnyDVD, why don’t you simply drag and drop the files over in Explorer?

Well, I use AnyDVD to allow Clone DVD to work with copy proteced DVD’s… and Clone DVD to extract only what I need to be preserved, with no compression. Then Rebuilder w/ CCE.

If there is a simpler way, please let me know! Any ideas are appreciated.

Oh, I didn’t really understood what you were trying to do… I haven’t thought of using CloneDVD for this task.