CloneDVD2/AnyDVD With XP SP2

Can anyone tell me if there are any issues with CloneDVd2/AnyDVD?

I have recently bought a new DVD-RW and was thinking of using them for playing/burning DVDs but a friend has warned me off.

He has been using both programs for sometime but says that since installing SP2 on his XP Pro system he is making a lot of coasters.

From what I gather he says that CloneDVD2 goes through the burn process and says it’s completed OK but when he tries to play the DVd he gets an error saying a disc with unsupported format is in the drive.

He says that if he checks the DVDs with either DVD Decrypter or Nero both say the disc is empty and he can start the burn process again but it fails to complete (not surprisingly).

I remembered browsing the forum some months ago just after getting my first burner and as a result did play about with the trial versions of both for a short time but then abandoned that idea until I had more time.

I’ve only just got back to thinking about burning DVDs having upgraded my system and as I’ve only just installed SP2 I thought I would see if there were any issues before i start.

I know for example that Nero 6 has a compatability problem with SP2 and needs upgrading


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I use AnyDvd and CloneDvd with Windows XP Pro service pack 2 and have no problems.

CloneDVD and AnyDVD work perfectly fine with XP SP2 so you might want to tell your friend that he needs to get his PC checked out.

Friend of mine has CloneDVD and AnyDVD with XP Pro-SP2 no problems his way…

no probs at all with anydvd and clonedvd2 and xp pro sp2 :iagree:

Thanks for the replies.

I’l pass the info on. My pal wasn’t sure if it was an SP2 issue or something else.

Thanks again