CloneDVD2 and Smartburn - keep losing DVD drive?

After a recent crash I have rebuilt my PC with the latest versions of CloneDVD2 ( and Smartburn (3.1.8).
I am running XP XP Pro with a LiteOn 451s with GSB7 firmware installed.
Since updating I have discovered that after transcoding and burning a disc from an ISO file, I cannot read the next DVD in my drive unless I first close Smartburn.
Windows no longer recognises the drive as a DVD drive but as a CD drive - at least that’s what My Computer shows it as.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

What’s your purpose of running it ? To prevent buffer underruns/limit the write speed ?

My understanding is that it identifies the media you are using and adjusts the write strategy accordingly.
So yes it would limit the speed if necessary.