CloneDVD2 and chapter cutting

Hi guys,
I have advised that when I try to cut a DVD Title (with a total of 23 chapters), the final result is a small DVD with 3 chapters (as I want, only 3 chapters for make a preview of the DVD), but when I play this DVD in PowerDVD it shows to me that the Title have 23 Chapters (as shown in the “Go To -->” menu). if I click on one of this cutted chapters the player shut down, because those cutted chapters don’t exist in my preview DVD.

This problem instead is not present in Nero Recode. In this program if I select the copy of only 3 chapters, in each DVD players it’s show ONLY 3 chapters, NOT all the chapters of the original DVD.

Do you all have any reason of this little trouble?

Fisically the cutted chapters are not present in the DVD but the DVD player show a wrong structure of the cutted DVD.

thx in advance :bow:

PS: I have CloneDVD with only DEFAULT OPTIONS.

That’s how it is with CloneDVD.