CloneDVD2 - a great software

My first DVD ripper is X-Copy Platinum which I used for more than a year - a lot of bugs & frustration but good for re-authoring. Next comes DVDShrink & DVD Decrypter by the courtesy of which I used for 6 months. Stopped using when there’s no more new updated version. Used Recode a few times but not happy about the usage until I stumbled on CloneDVD2. I used AnyDVD together with DVDShrink before but it works better with CloneDVD2. It’s so simple to use & even when I backup to DL, I can remove all the unwanted stuff like the FBI warnings, trailers I dislike & when my friends view this copy of DVD, they find it so special. One question though:- Is it legal to remove the FBI warnings?

depending on what country you’re in, it may not even be legal to make the backup of your disc period.

i see your location says singapore. I’m not an expert on laws there, but here in the US, it’s technically legal to back up movies you own but illegal to circumvent copy protection to do so (therefore all backups are illegal in the US despite fair use laws)

This is a very international forum. off the top of my head I can’t remember anyone from singapore, but maybe someone will come out of the woodwork with some more specific info for you.

and i agree…slonedvd2 is a great piece of software!