Clonedvd2 / 2 prices



Just purchased this program from slysoft paid $34.00 USD I used the $5.00 discount was regularly 39.00,I switched to elby web page to find out they are selling the same program for $49.53 USD.program still say’s elaborate bytes clonedvd what gives… :confused:


this has been asked many times before.

slysoft is licensed to sell elby’s products. no need to worry if you got a legit copy or not. your copy is exactly the same as what elby is selling.


a search for “clonedvd, price” brings up not only your thread, but also the following:

i think you’ll find your question is fully covered :slight_smile:


I was not worried about a it being legit I know it is seams like we are better to shop around.