CloneDVD2 Final



Version 2008 06 12

  • New: Added option to switch back to Windows filesystem for reading
    from a Video DVD
  • Fix: Detection of DVD-R DL discs with some DVD writer models
  • Fix: NavigationPack Error 18 with some DVDs
  • Some minor changes and improvements


Thanks Alan. I got it

Mr.Bill :iagree:


hey how are you all doing? well I am at a stand still I want to know if you had any prolbem downloading the trial version of clone dvd? I downloaded it today and it says I completed my trial my trial.Does anyone know what I should do?I"ve uninstalled it twice and does same thing.Anyone has any ideas?


You can only install the trial once. Thats it. If you ever had any version of CloneDVD2 installed you cannot use the trial version.


Thanks for the comeback Alan1476,I figured out what happened I downloaded it twice but neither time s it did not worked ;Sorry about posting in the wrong area,I will be more carefull.I am new at this computer stuff,but I have never downloaded anything from slysoft before I have always used dvd fab,I thought I would try it .But I guess I’ll never know now Thanks anyway.Later