Clonedvd2 error message

Every time i try to burn a movie it has an error message that states.

“File Corrupted! Please reinstall the application and run a virus check!”

“Clone dvd has caused a critical application error”

Anyone know why this may be happening?

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The “File corrupted - please reinstall AnyDVD & run a virus check” message is only displayed, if the AnyDVD executable has been modified. It is a simple integrity check. Reinstalling AnyDVD will always repair the problem. This message will not be displayed for any other reason (wrong registration key, etc.)
The question is - why was the AnyDVD executable changed. One reason could be a virus infection (hence the message “run a virus check”). Another could be a hardware problem (but I doubt that the computer would run stable long enough to even boot Windows).
If you modify AnyDVD intentionally - either by using a hex editor, or by using one of the various “cracks” - you will see this message sooner or later.
If you see this message, I would say in 99.99% of the cases you have used a patch to bypass the registration check. And if you posted this in a public message board you have exposed yourself pretty well.

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The same “File corrupted - please reinstall AnyDVD & run a virus check” warning notice is also true for CloneDVD.

You should read the below CD Freaks Forum posting.


does it still say it when you reinstalled it?
if it does, you might want to pay for it and hopefully it’ll go away :wink:

Maybe because there is a virus which infected the executable?
Maybe because you tried to use a crack?

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

sorry dudes, got this copy from a friend. new to clone dvd2 and i wasn’t aware that it wasn’t freeware.

Abrice -

Oh Really Now ?

What “Freeware” software program requires a patch or crack to bypass the Registration Check ?