Clonedvd2 crashes win2000 pro

Dear all, first post. I have just put clonedvd lastest download on my friends machine for him to try without success.

I have used various versions on the free trial myself without any problems at all.

M friends machine has win2000pro installed and is reading from a new pioneer111 dvd writer. When it comes to start ripping the files to the hard disk either one of two things happen. 1 It crashes the pc or 2. It restarts the pc after a minute or so.

Very frustrating. I would be gratefull for any advice anyone can offer.


Hamtyler -

Please provide the Name and Version Number of the copy protection encryption removal program you are using in conjunction with CloneDVD.

For what its worth I am running CloneDVD (v2.9.0.1) and AnyDVD ( currently (and all past previous versions) on a Win200 SP4 system without ANY problems.

Your above quoted statement implies that you are using trial versions of the CloneDVD/AnyDVD software program. If you are using the Registered Version of CloneDVD/AnyDVD was this Registered Version purchased directly from SlySoft/Elaborated Bytes or from some third party?


Hi Belooken, thanks for the reply. He has any dvd also installed. Bothe have around 15 days left on the trial. Even if he disables anydvd and just trys to copy an already ripped dvd it still falls over.

Would it help if he gets on the net and installs SP4.

One other thing I have read on various threads that if maybe a driver issue. He also has Nero 7 installed. Sorry that’s all the info I have. Not that clued up.

Again any pointers would be great.


Hamtyler -

For various reasons suggest upgrading Win200 to SP4. Also suggest insuring that ALL drivers (Video Card, Sound Card, etc) are updated to the latest current version available. Also the default Nero installation installs the InCD Packet Writing software program, which is known to be very invasive, and can cause conflict error problems- suggest removing all Packet Writing software programs.

Also suggest reviewing the below Web Link which details how to use MSCONFIG to ensure that all unnecessary programs are not unknowingly loaded during Windows Start Up. Possibly some invasive program is unknowingly loaded during Windows Start Up, which could be interfering with the proper function of the CloneDVD/AnyDVD software programs.

Below are the Minimum requirements for CloneDVD/AnyDVD ->

CloneDVD ->

System Requirements
An IBM-compatible personal computer with a minimum 500 MHz Pentium-class microprocessor (1 GHz recommended) and 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT 4.0 (SP4)/2000/XP
If you use Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP you must be an administrator to install CloneDVD 2
DVD reader and preferably a DVD writer
About 5 GB of temporary available hard-drive space is necessary to clone DVDs

AnyDVD ->

System Requirements
IBM-compatible PC with a minimum 500 MHz Pentium-class microprocessor and 64 MB RAM
Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
2 MB hard-disk space

Has your Computer system meet these above Minimum requirements?


This is possible. He should check what IDE Busmaster drivers are in use. If he uses 3rd party drivers from VIA, INTEL, NVIDIA, … he should update to the latest versions, or - even better - use the drivers from Microsoft which ship with Windows 2000 (warning, if the Harddisk requires 48BIT LBA adressing, e.g. a 200GB harddisk, he should update to SP4 first as earlier Microsoft drivers only support 32Bit adressing).

Problem solved, could not believe what it was.

The problem with the pcb crashing, was the video card. When clone dvd animation started to run it crashed. Disable the animation everything okay. Really strange. Even with all drivers updated, SP4 added still the same.

Oh well it is now working.

Thanks guys for all your help.