CloneDVD2 license error



I’m getting a msg that says I have 14 days of 21 days to evaluate after upgrading to I have purchased, applied the license key file & have been using CloneDVD since May05 . Is there a bug with this version?. I saw some msg’s previously on this subject w/o an answer to correct the problem. I do have the original License Key file safely backed up.

Any Suggestions?


I suggest you contact the company, who has sold you the license (SlySoft or Elaborate Bytes). Good luck!


I tried contacting SlySoft but there asking for a License Key Number on there form. Where would I get this, I only have the License Key file?.


You didn’t keep the email they sent you? This would help. If not, leave the field open. It will probably take a bit longer until you get an answer.


They will hopefully be able to help you through your email address