CloneDVD2 is out

Version 2005 01 11

  • New: Support for 4.85 GB “Extreme Extended” DVD-R Media
    (You must specify a custom size of 4850 MB in the title selection)
  • New: Sounds for “Error” and “Waiting for media”
  • New: Automatic update check
  • New: Added support for chinese languages
  • New: command line option -fs to specify font size
  • Change: Sounds for dialog boxes
  • Change: “Auto selection for removed streams” is now enabled
    by default
  • Change: “Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting” is now
    enabled by default
  • Change: Custom size can now be easier modified
  • Change: Screensaver and power saving are now re-enabled earlier
  • Fix: Correct error message is now displayed instead of the
    meanigless “WriteDVD error 10 0”
  • Fix: Corrupted UI in device selection and progress dialog
  • Some minor changes and improvements
  • Updated languages
  • Change: “Auto selection for removed streams” is now enabled
    by default
  • Change: “Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting” is now
    enabled by default

Why set these two items by default? They are unchecked with version The manual said that enabling these items cause problem with some DVD player.

Unsetting “Auto selection for removed streams” did cause more problems (some can’t hear Audio on their standalone)
“Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting” did not show any compatibility problems during testing, and if you split a main movie, you want this option. Trust me. Most users don’t split, so the change does not effect them anyway.

Are you implying that I should ENABLE “Auto selection for removed streams” with CloneDVD to minimize audio playblack issues? Do you know why some players will not be able to read the soundtrack with this option unchecked? I have not encountered audio-related anomaly with any DVD player.

I split a very long movie to two SL DVD+R discs to maintain video resolution. I select COPY DVD TITLES and select the appropriate split point to maintain 100% quality at the audio selection screen. I don’t use PRESERVE MENUS. Upon completion of the burn session, I use the back button to get back to the Title Configuration screen to select the remaining chapters to copy. I don’t use PRESERVE MENUS. Again, I have not encountered any playback problem.

Please tell me how enabling “Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting” would help my current setup. I just don’t want to change and end up with coasters.

much thanks

If you frequently read this forum you probably noticed, that others have. If you are happy with your setting, keep it.

Try to split the Godfather (I tried R2, German) to two discs. Keep all soundtracks, incl. directors comment. This should fit on two discs, right? Wrong! Transcoder will kick in, unless you enable “Filter unreferenced material to improve splitting”. Again, if you are happy with your current setting, keep it. These are preferences anybody can set as he likes.
What has changed was the default setting, so the novice will get the best result.

I get it! I just rip the main title with AC6/3 English. Don’t need to get too fancy with this stuff. My system is running very well now. Thanks again for your inputs!

I read reports about the rip speed of CSS protected DL DVD movies. For me, the rip speed can vary dramatically with different DVD movies. Could be a combination of disc reflectivity, disc capacity, copy protection scheme, decrypting software, etc… Dunno how they can come up with a single average rip speed.

Do you get a consistent rip speed among various DVD titles? Again, we’re assuming that the only variable is the DVD disc at the approximate total running time.

Take care,