There are two versions of CloneDVD out… that seem to differ greatly.

CloneDVD 2.3 … the latest offered on does not seem to have the capability of compressing a DVD9 to DVD5…

CloneDVD … offered on ElaborateBytes’ website as “SneakPreviewCloneDVD2” does have the capability… however, reads CSS protection, and cannot copy a disc encrypted with it. Is there a way to override this?


Use CloneDVD from Elby It it the real one. The reason Ollie did not include a ripper with his program was the copyright protection laws in Germany. I use Anydvd as my “ripper”. The full version of CloneDVD2 from Elby is out. BTW There is a CloneDVD subforum for Ollie’s version.


the real clonedvd can be found here.