My understanding of cloning is that the end
product should mirrow the original. When reading the forums
many people come to the conclusion that Instant Copy is the
best backup software for producing good quality when backing up
I find this hard to believe…surely by cloning a DVD the quality
should not differ from the original. Am i being naive here? I would
expect CLONEDVD to produce better quality that IC and other
similiar programs.
Maybe someone can shed some light on this please?


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Originally posted by Ivanhoe
…Am i being naive here? …

Arr… yes you are. Have a look at the DVD structure of any DVD on your PC. You will find most dvd’s are between 5 and 8 gb in size. If you made an exact clone (that is possible) but there is no way of writting all those files onto a 4.37gb DVDR. They must be compressed or movie only extracted etc to fit to a dvdr.

Just because CloneCD can make an EXACT copy of a PC games off a CD doesnt mean CloneDVD can do exactly the same for any DVD. Its only a name not a description.