any feedback of the new CloneDVD??? better than DVD2ONE?

If you mean Elby’s CloneDVD, it has not been released yet, its in beta testing still, so no feedback on it. According to Elby it is expected to come out at Mid-June 2003, so any time now :wink:

Do a search on the forums for clonedvd to find some more info on what it will and wont do.

Beta?.. No way I got the full version of it… FINAL version… and works much better thn … I did try the DVD2one and DVDxCopy Xpress… and it’s much better thn bth!!!


Look at the date of my post kaltblut :wink:

:confused: oh yep I’m so stupid… lol… But… it’s ok right?.. first time here…lol … btw… do you want it (CloneDVD)?


What is funnier? Guy dissing a mod w/o looking at the post date. Or guy offering to give serial# to mod? Maybe I misread the 2nd part.

btw… do you want it (CloneDVD)?

Umm… we have a CloneDVD discussion forum here and it’s free for download at Elby w/ a 30 day evaluation period. What the hell are you talking about?

I just spend the last 3 min laughing :bigsmile:
… really needed it since i am buffed up studying pediatrics all night.

kaltblut as clearly stated in the forum rules no warez is allowed here. Please read them before making any other, welcomed by all means, post. Welcome to the forum and thanx … :slight_smile: