Anyone know if there is a set release date for it and what i will offer.


i am curious too


Not set but wasn’t it said to be around March 2003? Somewhere in the news posts.


A QuEstion.
If a DVD is around 7 gig, then how will one be able to CloneDVD onto a 4.7 gig disk, or will it include code to split it onto 2 disks? How will the issue be solved?
Bigger Disks?=GOOD


I asked this question a couple of months ago.
Answers in this link


Gracias amigo.


CloneDVD is out. though not by elby. :frowning: have not tried this program, nor do i particularly want to try it…ill stick around and wait for elby to release the real CloneDVD. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

p.s. website seems to be down right now.


nice webside…did you try the demo??


A big piece of shit…:confused:


It doesn’t support DVD9. What good is it?


I hate CloneDVD - who made this shit anyway… :Z :Z


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HuiQiang Huang (
FAX: +1.8626632756
No.502 room, 2 unit, 606 building, ShengLiXiaoQu
LiuZhou, NA 545001

Well … that sounds like a nice appartment somewhere in Asia

I hope this answers your question V@A.


Hmmm… I wonder if the guy will get his ass sue by the real deal Elby…

Maybe the real CloneDVD and Lite-On’s DVD writer release date will coincide! Then I can get both at the same time!! Sweet.:bigsmile: