Hi, I have a question and I hope someone could help me it will b greatly appreciated, I was trying to back up the movieTrue Grit and anydvd seems to do its job but when I try to use cloneDVD I notice that the streams didn’t show no audio,
Title play time Audio Settings
02 Angle 1 0.11 1 no audio
02 Angle 2 0.11 1 no audio
02 Angle 3 0.11 1 no audio
Quality was 100%, and when I press Go I got an error “creation of DVD files was not successful missing menu VOP file VTS_02__0.0VOB”
Do I need anything else or the last version of anydvd is not up to the task just yet? Thanks in advance.

Try AnyDVD 6.8.08 beta:

Thanks Kerry, I download it the 68.08 beta and it was doing ok until half the process, I got this error VIDEO_TS/VTS_15_1.VOB:read error the system can’t read from the specified device, if reading the media has failed. please clean the surface and try again. Now the dvd is brand new and it doesn’t need any cleaning. Thanks again

Are you ripping with CloneDVD? Try ripping to the hard drive with the built in ripper within AnyDVD, then work from the files.

Right click on the fox icon and select Rip Video DVD to HardDisk.

Thanks, I’ll do that and post the results

Thanks Kerry, that did the trick! Thanks again.

No problem Garfios. Good to see you got it working.