I have been using Clone DVD for about 6 months now and started having some issues in the last few weeks.

AMD XP 2800+
Burner (Sony 710a)
Media (Memorex 8x DVD+R) I have only used this brand since first using Clone DVD and have bought new packs trying to rule that out.

I upgraded when the 64bit ver. came out and I started burning off alot of bad disks. Before upgrading I backuped about 50 DVDs without one bad burn, now I get about 2 bad for every 1 good.

I have been checking the forums here and havn’t seen anyone else with these kinda issues, so my question is could there be something wrong with the software, I have tried using DVD decryter and Clone to rule out AnyDVD and I get the same thing.

Anyone else run into this? Or any ideas?


Could you please elaborate? What are “bad disks”?

Disk will not load on home DVD player, just getting bad disk message on DVD player, or the movie will skip like crazy. I also have tried playing movies on two differnt players, a JVC and a Phillips with the same thing.

Sounds like bad media to me or burning too fast.
What speed ar you burning at and what media are you using?

If not already set to 4X, set it at that speed and give it a try.

@ Gobben,

Suggest viewing the below posting which might prove to be helpful.

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Thanks bjkg, looks like the firmware is a few ver old. Hoping this will do it.

Just wanted to say thanks again. After Flashing the drive everything is back to normal.