CloneDVD your Encode 2 outputs to remove junk on DVD5



One thing I like about Nero is the encoding is top notch and the best I have seen, although slow. For 2 hours+ movies I always go for it. What I don’t like is everything else, especially being forced to add something to replace missing extras and other non-main movie parts with static images that look ugly when selected - I’d rather have nothing. Chosing anything other than a blank screen eats space too.

Well here’s a tip that works well for me that gives you Encode 2 quality with CloneDVD style disc output, i.e. no blank screens on removed material.

  1. Encode with Nero to the hard disc, and replace all unwanted extras and logo flicks etc. with a single colour screen for max space for everthing else (ideally pick a bold colour to spot easily later).

  2. Import the Encode 2 output files (VOB/BUP/IFOs) into CloneDVD as if it were a new disc. CloneDVD will NOT re-encode as it fits the disc.

  3. Using CloneDVD, remove the blank screens created by Nero only. Leave everything else as is.

  4. Burn, or output to hard disc to preview.

What you get is an Encode 2 quality encoded disc, but with the horrible dummy files removed. You’ll have a few meg left on the disc, but you won’t lose quality. :iagree: . Already selecting files to be single colour has maximised disc space previously.

Also - It even makes some disc Nero can break work again as new files are created to jump the missing files. CloneDVD is much better at keeping things compatible before burning. Encode 2 seems to leave it all down to you to get it right.

NB: Won’t work for menus, as CLoneDVD only has an on/off for these. I suggest you leave menus as is, perhaps down to 70%. Any less you’ll notice it, or remove them completely in Nero with a blanks screen and then remove them again in CloneDVD afterwards.


I don’t use Nero for DVDs… well, not movie dvds anyways.

Would it be easier to rip the movie using CloneDVD first, setting the size setting to the full size (essentially CloneDVD only copying movie/features you wanted and NOT compressing), and then using Nero to compress it down to DVD-+R size?

I would think that Nero won’t add any of it’s screens if the feature wasn’t there to begin with.


What about DVD Remake Pro to remove everything…then transcode with CloneDVD2.