CloneDVD write speed

Just a small question regarding CloneDVD and writing speed, I have noticed that CloneDVD will write an image or VIDEO_TS folder around 20-25 seconds faster than any other program including Nero, I have always found this strange and would like to know is there any particular reason for this? It’s not a problem, just one of those niggly things that has always bugged me.


nemesis01 -

Each DVD Burning software program uses a different “Burning Engine” which determines exactly how data is written to blank DVD media.


Yes I know that, I am not a n00b.:smiley:

I guess I want to know if it has any detrimental effect on the written media, since it is a pretty big gap in burn time compared to other apps.

eh? you think 20-25 seconds faster than another proggy is a huge gap? when it can take 15 minutes to burn at 4x.

Yes I do, when you are used to writing at 8x it is anyway.

WOW get a life :stuck_out_tongue:

My thoughts exactly, but couldn’t bring myself to say it then…

Get yourself some MCC004 Verbs and a new Plextor or Samsung S182 and start burning at 20X, now you will shave some time off the old burns no matter what program you are using.