CloneDVD Write Error "WriteDVD 11 2 W2"

Using the latest CloneDVD. Getting the following error when trying to write - “WriteDVD 11 2 W2”.

If I use nero to burn, the dvd burns and plays fine. My burner is an optorite dd0203 using the latest firmware 2.50.

Anyone know what this error is?

I am lookíng at the source code… This error means WRITEDVD_NO_DVD_WRITER, so CloneDVD has probably problems setting up your writer with a ModeSelect command.
Unless you are using a broken 3rd party IDE busmaster driver (NVIDIA?), I would say that at the moment CloneDVD doesn’t like your writer.
Try to get rid of any “low level” tools and use Microsoft IDE drivers. This might help! Good luck!

Thanks Olli. It turns out that the latest firmware for my burner was the problem. I went back to an older version (2.30) and now I’m able burn from within clonedvd.

In case anyone with the same burner is having the problem, here is where I got the firmware:

My Optorite dd0203 was repackaged/sold by Iomagic.