Clonedvd works great but DVDXcopy can make perfect backups?

I just backed up my first movie using the clonedvd/anydvd combination and I’m happy with the turnout. My friend who’s also a newbie to dvd backup is using the old DVDXCOPY and apparently is making perfect backups of his movies without having to remove anything. All the deleted scenes, audio commentary, menus are working just fine. All he does is press a few buttons also. He lent me “into the blue” and “land of the dead”

I’m not sure if this dvdxcopy is sacrificing a lot of video quality of the main movie because it looks fine on my tv but on the other hand my tv is ancient. Anyways, I wonder if I should try dvdxcopy out…

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If your referring to CloneDVD2. Then it’s far better than DVDXcopy.You have the the option to clone the whole DVD, or just backup the movie on its’ own.I bought DVDXcopy Platinum some time ago & paid a lot for it. Within a month of trying out CloneDVD2, I uninstalled DVDXcopy & gave the disc & manual away.Haven’t looked back since.

chances are, you’r ejust not noticing the quality difference.

you could absolutely use clonedvd2 to make a backup of the full disc, your compression level would just be higher, and that’s all I assuime your friend is doing…making a copy with more compression. you wouldn’t have to switch to dvdXcopy in order to make that type of a backup.

i have a crappy TV and don’t really notice quality difference unless they’re VERY bad.

if you find someone with a nice entertainment system and tried the discs in there you’d surely find that yours were of better quality.

There are TWO versions of DVD X Copy.

One splits the movie down the middle onto two discs.

The other compresses it just like CloneDVD or DVD Shrink.

The one that splits the movie, despite what Whisperer will undoubtedly tell you, is bad for a number of reasons - we’ve seen a lot of people who have conflicts with the devices and drivers in their systems when using it.

The one that compresses… is inferior to Shrink or CloneDVD.

Neither one is supported.

You have not stated the version number the DVD-X-Copy that your friend is using, so none of us are sure what you mean by “old”. But I’m suprised that your friend can be both a newbie and also truly be using the “old” DVD-X-Copy because it has not been available for sale for over two years. Even if your friend did get a hold of the “original” DXC, installation requires activation from a company that has less than a sterling reputation and will hit you up for a sizable chunk of money. Most of us old-time original-DXC v.1.5.2 users are still running on an HDD installation that is 2-3 years old. As Gurm pointed out, depending on the version of DXC and your configuration, some systems do experience conflicts but many, like your friend, experience good results.

So, I’d summarize that, as you noticed, DXC is simple and produces good quality but it is no longer available and I would not pursue trying to get it because the current “new” DXC products, in the opinion of many, are not well engineered and even if you got a hold of the original DXC, it would involve paying out $100 to activate it or obtaining a crack which means visiting dangerous websites. And we are not allowed to give you support or help for cracked software.

In short, don’t fret that you don’t have DXC.

In my humble opinion, your dollars have been well spent on the CloneDVD/AnyDVD combination. CloneDVD or Shrink is a much better product than DXC Express or DXC Platinum for compressing a DVD9 original to a DVD5 backup disk. So you already own your compression solution. And if you want to keep 100% quality, CloneDVD also splits an original over two backup disks and CloneDVD (with some limitations) and DVDDecrypter/ImgBurn also burn to dual layer media.

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