Clonedvd won't recognize ifo..dvdshrink does

Hi all, hope you can help with a strange problem. I downloaded what I think is a dvd image of some old tv episodes but neither clonedvd or Nero will recognize the files to burn to a disc. On the other hand DVD shrink DOES recognize them. When I open the files in DVD shrink with the preview option enabled I can see the video as the files are analized and it successfully creates audio and video ts files, but neither clone dvd or nero recognize the resulting files when I try to burn. The files all look like standard ifo, bup and vob files. Any thoughts why I can’t get them to burn? Any help would be much appreciated. This really has me stumped. One more bit of info. Clonedvd does not give an error, but stops on the write status screen with a notation at the bottom of the screen saying something about IFOformat 15. I saw a post suggesting using IFOedit to change a value in the VTS_01_0.IFO file. I tried this and there was no change. Hope you can help me. It took a heck of a long time to download these eps and I really want to watch 'em.
Thanks !

what format did you download them in? you said something about an “IFO” then you said it was an “image”

has the show been released on DVD (seems like EVERYTHING has nowadays)

might make more sense to just get teh dvd…

the download was a set of IFO BUP and VOB files. Sorry if my terminology was off. I thought this set comprised an “image”. there was a set of folders labeled discs 1 thru 5. Each “disc” contained IFO BUP and VOB files. As I said, dvd shrink is able to “analize” these files and shows me a preview window where I can see the show as it is being read, but when it is done processing, my burning software (clone dvd and nero) just don’t seem to recognize the files in the video_ts folder. I should also mention that the files really don’t need to be shrunk. each “disc” is only about 1.5 GB but since the burning sw wouldn’t work I tried running it thru dvd shrink to see if that would alter the format and make it readable. no luck so fartho.

btw, I don’t think the show has been released. Its is Battlestar Galactica 1980…the follow up series to the original series where they made it to earth and flew around on rocket motorcycles. Horrible series but I am a sci fi nerd and there is one episode I really wanted to watch. I doubt this series will ever make i to dvd :slight_smile:


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Perchance have you attempted to view these “set of IFO BUP and VOB files” with computer DVD software player similar to PowerDVD and/or WinDVD to see if these “set of IFO BUP and VOB files” are actually a viewable DVD?

Also perchance have you ensured that this Battlestar Galactica 1980 “set of IFO BUP and VOB files” are not illegal pirated DVDs. Most likely you have downloaded the Battlestar Galactica [1980] DVD Series Set ( If so suggest viewing the Forum Rules ( to ensure that your are not asking Forum Members to assist you in violating copyright laws or any other laws protecting intellectual property.

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Thanks for the suggestions bjkg. From what I have read, these are not pirated dvd files. Apparently they are encoded from old vhs recordings. Will try your suggestions. Thanks for the help !

unfortunately windvd won’t play the files either. I don’t get it. I know there is something there because dvd shrink shows me the preview images while it is analysing, but nothing seems to be able to play or burn the files :frowning:

if you can’t play the files then there’s something wrong with the file structure.

that’s what happens when you download…you have no idea how it was ripped or where its coming from. while you might not have bad intentions, I have no sympathy for downloaders.

i suggest you buy the DVDs.