CloneDVD won't recognize DVD to write

Hi all,
I m brand new to your forum, a true newbie to all of this. I am trying CloneDVD to copy an instructional DVD I own. The software seems to create the DVD file, but doesn’t recognize the recordable DVD in the drive to copy the file. Again, I am pretty lost in doing this - guess this is why there is trial software and help forums!

I have two brands of DVD-R media in Maxwell and Sony - niether are recognized in the drive. I am using a Dell computer with Windows XP Home Edition. I have a Samsung DVD-ROM drive and a NEC DVD+RW (ND-2100AD, rev.103D).

Any help is appreciated. If I should try another software such as 1ClickDVDCopy let me know. The DVD-R media that I have is pretty much what is available in my area. If you think it is just the DVD-R, let me know what kind and where to get it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Here is a well-written tutorial that many people have found helpfull.

By the way, if you are using the SlySoft product, it’s CloneDVD2. CloneDVD is a different program.

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Here is another very well done guide to CloneDVD2 written by a member of cdf (Zeb)

And to compliment CloneDVD2 you might consider AnyDVD by Slysoft; here is a great guide by Zeb here:

Hope these help.