CloneDVD wont let me use E:drive as Target

when i open clonedvd up, it lets me use a file that i decrypted from my computer to burn but it will not let me use my E: drive which is my DVD burner as the target…does anyone know how to fix this??


We need alot more information to help you. What kind of drive is your " E " ( exact make and model ) What type of file are tou trying to use CloneDVD2 with? What are the specs of your setup? Do you have a disc in the E drive? In order to use your burner as a destination or target you have to have a source, what are you using as your source?

sorry about that, im kinda new to this whole thing

ok i used DVDdecrypter along with AnyDVD to decrypter the chronicles of Narnia…i tried to use Nero Recode to burn it but it said Nero recode encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read from the file VT_01_1. Invalid access to memory location.

so I downloaded CloneDVD…it will let me open the file of chronicles of narnia but it wont let me use my E: drive as the target…i have the Sony DRX-830U External DVD burner.

thanks for your help

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After selecting image (source) to burn are you selecting DVDWriter as output method?

i got it working thanks for your help guys…

now my question is how to make the file small enough to fit onto one disc lol…even when i unselect everything but the movie only its still a little over 5mb

you’ll need clonedvd2 or dvd shrink for it to fit to a SL disc