CloneDVD with DVD Region+CSS Free

(1)Can anyone tell me whether I can use DVD Region+CSS Free instead of AnyDVD with CloneDVD?
(2)Can CloneDVD able to copy DL Movie to DL +R Disk without any problems?

yes and yes, in fact im doing that exact thing right now with CloneDVD2 and DVD Region Free + CSS Free, it worked a treat, and there was no quality loss what so ever, a perfect 1:1 Replica!!!

i burned it using LG-4163B DVD-RAM Drive

Yes, but why?

Why not use DVD Decrypter, MODE->ISO READ, MODE->ISO WRITE?

Get a perfect replica AND a working layer break? :wink: :wink:

And why would you not want to use Anydvd ?

Yeah, I don’t understand. DVD Region+CSS Free… costs money. If I’m going to pay for a product… I’ll pay for AnyDVD, which get updated more frequently and runs seamlessly with CloneDVD…

got to agree , the anydvd and clonedvd combo cannot be beat