CLoneDVD with DVD+R

Hi there,

I am very happy with mr results so far using DVDShrink, Nero for backing up my DVD’s, and am just trying to improve my knowledge a little for the time when those two programs wont do the job.
So could someone could tell me if CloneDVD will work with my Ricoh RW5240+RW writer, and would it be a good choice.
And any other programs that may be useful?

Thanks for your time

there are 2 clonedvd programs - elby CloneDVD 2 being the superior. but all you should need is dvd shrink & dvd decrypyter…for now

Just a silly question… When doesn’t DVDShrink and Nero get the job done? I have run into a few discs in the past that DVDShrink had troubles encoding (“The Bourne Supremacy” was one, I think), but it was easily fixed by turning on the “compress video with adaptive error compensation” option.

Just curious. I have no experience with CloneDVD.

Managed to get my “Bourne Supremacy” copied no problems with DVD Shrink and Nero, plays on the XBOX as well, if fact all my copies do, just as well as the originals.
Thanks for the reply just trying to be for armed is all.


According to my experience AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are one of the best. Worth trying. Easy, reliable and very quick.