CloneDVD vs DVDShrink

I already have anydvd should I stick with DVDShrink or change to CloneDVD?

good question but not easy to answer since you are the one that has to decide if you need it. I used other programs like dvdshink and dvd decryter with anydvd and they worked ok for me but when I went to purchase anydvd I also purchased clonedvd with it and I am still not sure if I really needed it. I Like clonedvd but did not like the one year updates for it for free when anydvd was free updates forever, but also the people doing these programs need to be paid, so I am not sorry I purchased both.
In the end you have to decide it it is worth the cost and if you have not already download it and tried it then you should before making up your mind

And? Did you or anybody ever paid for a CloneDVD update? No? Good.

If you ask me i would have both it’s always good to have good alternatives.

DVD Shrink is fine if only minimal compression is needed. If greater compression is required then no transcoder will do the job very well. Better to go for dvd Rebuilder

Or if quality is really that important use DL discs - use CloneCD or DVDDecrypter and you get a 1:1 copy! Much, much faster than recoding!

Yes faster - but I have yet to find a DL disk worth buying at any price.
anyway time to me is not as important as quality. Often spliting a disk is better and with episodic dvds it is easy to put say 2 episodes rather than 3 on a disk and avoid any compression. I use DVD rebuilder on a spare machine and simply come back 2 or 3 hours later - job done.

TRU I do not know anyone else that has had clonedvd for over a year and for myself I just purchased it a few months ago and have not got past the year free update time.
But as I stated I am not that upset that it says only one year update since I really do not think they will have that many updates anyway and slysoft is a great company anyway that does not charge way to much for there software like that other company does (microsoft).

It isn’t so black and white. Shrink can easily do 30% compression for most DVD’s (from the original) and be just as good as DVD-RB. There are too many factors to consider such as using Deep Analysis and AEC in Shrink. Also, the bitrate of the original is important. If the bitrate is high, it can take anything up to 50% compression and still look good. However, some DVD’s can’t even take 20% if the average bitrate is low to start with.

Don’t disagree - but let me put it another way: are there any circumstances in which using shrink or CloneDVD will produce a better output than DVDRebuilder ?

I use shrink all the time for re-authoring but when any level of compression is needed - dvddecrypter to make an iso, daemontools to mount and then Rebuilder to make a compressed ISO for imgburn to burn.

I did the Theatrical version of Return of the King with Shrink 3.2 and AEC sharp setting. The output was better than DVD-RB with CCE and 4 passes (took 12 hours!!). The CCE version wasn’t rubbish but the contrast and colour was better with Shrink and looked more natural. The CCE version was hard to watch sometimes due to being what looked like to much sharpness. Tweaking CCE would probably make it look better. It was also 45% compression as well.

That has been the only one. I also watched it on a 80" screen and the Shrink version was still better. It was perfect obviously but, still better than a CCE encoded version.

ive been hearing such good things about CCE and DVD R-B, so i decided to give it a try. ive used DVDShrink ever since ive been backing up my DVD’s, and recently got CloneDVD, not to replace DVDShrink, i still use Shrink just as much, but to try it out. the only time i use clonedvd is when i want to preserve the menus and remove the extras. i know how to do this manually so i can do this with shrink, but i find it to be too much work and i can do it automatically with clonedvd.

anyway, i backed up gladiator a few years ago with dvdshrink. compression was at about 33% compression, but i forget if i used sharp or smooth for the AEC option. i tried using DVD R-B with CCE 3-pass and 4-pass at about 36% compression, and also experimented with different quality prec and vbr bias settings, but everytime, there was much more noise with the output of CCE. overall, id have to say that the dvdshrink output was actually better.

It depends on the DVD. Also, if you do too many passes it can make it look worse. I would normally do 3 max. Also, I would only bother with DVD-RB when dealing with 50% compression. Shrink can easily compete especially with AEC on anything less.

Try HCEnc instead of CCE. It should have been installed with DVD-RB It will be slower but the results are fantastic.

yeah, i did 2, 3 and 4 passes. 3 looked marginally better than 2 passes, but i couldnt not see a difference between 3 and 4.

just to add to my CCE/Shrink comparison, CCE does have slightly more detail, but again, the noise is a turn off for me.

sorry to get off topic, but do you think smooth AEC would be better for movies that require more than 30% compression? (or even less)

ill give HCEnc a try now.

Smooth works best with more compression (most of the time). I use the Sharp default until I hit 60% and then I use smooth. I find there is little difference between smooth and max smooth.

yeah, i should have said that i usually use sharp, but for movies that require more compression, i use smooth. i was just wondering when would be a good time to use smooth.

also, with HCEnc, do you find the quality to be noticeably better when using the slowest option compared to the default normal setting?

Compression percentage has no meaning whatsoever.