Clonedvd vs DVD Shrink?

I am fairly new to this, and was wondering about Clonedvd as a program compared to DVD Shrink? A while back I tried CloneDvd and DVDshrink on the movie Gladiator. Back then, Shrink was noticibly better picture quality so I have been using it ever since.
Now I see CloveDvd2 out. Are there any former Shrink users here who now use this? What do you think, is CloneDVD2 picture quality on par with Shrink??
I like being able to change the compression settings on the trailers but I don’t know if CloneDVD will do that.
I did D/L the demo, and kinda like the 25 minute burn process compared to 1 1/2 hrs with Shrink!!

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the update to clonedvd has made no changes in its quality of output as far as I know.

clonedvd2 and dvd shrink are comparable if you don’t use the deep analysis option in shrink. in fact, in this case CloneDvd2 is still faster.

checking deep analysis in shrink is where your major quality preservation comes in that clonedvd2 is lacking. it’s really a trade off o ntime. 20 minutes in clonedvd2 versus an hour with shrink. and there’s also the consideration that shrink probably won’t continue to work forever…although it does seem like it’s hung around well past its time already and I’m sure many of us are thankful for that so far!

i really like both programs and continue to use both. you’ll have to figure out for yourself if one suits your needs better than the other or if you can use discretion on when to use each one.

honestly, on my crappy TV, i don’t see a difference between the two, but many people with much nicer TVs than I have have said it’s very noticeable so yeah…