Clonedvd vs. dvd shrink (analyzing stuff)

Not sure if this is in the right forum but…

Does anyone know if the “deep analysis” and/or the “high quality adaptive error compensation” that DVD Shrink can do actually makes a difference on the final product? Does using these features produce a better end product versus something like clone dvd? Or does it not matter? I have been using DVD Shrink to compress DVDs whereas my friend uses Clone DVD. Time is the main surface difference (~1+ hour vs. 15 mins), and I was wondering if I’m wasting time for nothing.

Thanks in advance!

deep analysis improve the quality of dvd shrink and nero recode2. When you disable the transcode engine do only 1 pass with a CBR algorithm. Enable deep analysis the transcode engine do 2 pass with a VBR algorithm. Deep Analysis and AEC settings improve the quality a lot.

A lot seems rather subjective. Remember, picture quality is in the eye of the beholder. What is “much better” for one may be only “equivalent” for another.

I agree with blbo65.I backed up the same movie using dvdshrink in normal mode and in deep analysis mode.When played on a regular 19 inch TV could not see the difference.I believe the difference would probably be more noticable on a HD TV or larger screen.I would like to know if anyone knews this for a fact .Thanks kalmknight

Yes you do notice a HUGE improvement using Deep Analysis on displays and projectors 50" and up! :clap: Dont waste your time though for a 19" you just wont see any improvement :cool: This argument has gone on over and over again :sad: Wait I bet 100% within minutes, you will see them all adding comments about RB, its all so boring :rolleyes: I just wish Slysoft would just add Deep Analysis for people who have 50"+ Displays. :bow: Then we could close this forever! :flower:

Don’t use screen size as a criteria for yourself. The conclusion to this argument always comes down to whether or not [I]your[/I] eye can see the difference on [I]your[/I] equipment.

Simple test, do the same DVD each way. Then have a friend do a double blind test where you see each film at the same place on each disc ten times. If you can get the right one more than 60% of the time then it is worth it for you, if you have the time to do deep analysis.

They did the same test for all those MP3 snobs who insist on high bit rates and the results were remarkable. Almost all could not tell the difference between bit rates. It took a lot of wind out of a lot of sails.

If you’re satisified, then it doesn’t matter. It’s a “whatever”…

DVDShrink using deep analysis does a better job of transcoding than CloneDVD2 does. I find that how noticeable it is has more to do with the level of addiitonal compression being added than anyhting else.
What TV you happen to have at the moment probably should not be the issue.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but has Slysoft finally added a feature similar to DVDShrink’s deep analysis to CloneDVD ? It seems a shame to have paid for CloneDVD2 only to use the free DVDShrink very frequently for better quality high compressions.

In a word, No.

how sad ! apart from extracting the movie in high compression i really have no use for clonedvd2. can i get a refund? :stuck_out_tongue:

anydvd on the other hand is a fine product.

Refunds are handled by the company not the forum. You had a 21 free trial period in which to use this software and evaluate it. However contacting Slysoft would be your best bet.:iagree:

Alan, you should know better. :slight_smile:

Important Note
Our products are sold as ‘try-before-you-buy’. You can try them free for 21 days in order to evaluate the software and the functions before you purchase.
SlySoft Inc. does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products, so please take your time with the evaluation.

if yo’re not satisfied with the program i’m probably not going to change your mind, but i wanted to add that you don’t have to look at it as using dvd shrink INSTEAD of clonedvd2. I use them together ALL the time.

i use cdvd2 to rip in dvd-DL mode and remove any foreign audio tracks, extra titlesets while PRESERVING MENUS.

then i open this in dvdshrink and use shrink’s advanced compression options to compress.

this method results in an even better quality transcode than using shrink alone (since there is less material to compress in the first place) and also allows you to keep the menus, which shrink does not allow when modifying the included titlesets.

just a thought on how to get even better quality rips uing BOTH programs together.

like i said…i’m nto trying to change your mind, just provide a different use.

Which if you read his post, you would see that he’s doing that. I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant by “apart from extracting the movie in high compression”, although that’s not really the best description for it. James likes to call it “pre-processing” and I think that’s a perfect name for it. Being able to unselect titlesets, audio, and subtitles before using Shrink or Recode to compress is a really great thing, as we know. Yes, the compression engine of CloneDVD leaves a lot to be desired, but, the expense of adding a new one or fixing the existing one outweighs the market benefit. I honestly think they’re going to want to concentrate on giving us something new for HD at this point.

Not to mention the fact that everyone seems to believe it’s a Slysoft decision when in fact it is not. That is an Elby decision…THEY own and develop CloneDVD. Slysoft is simply a reseller. So when people say “has Slysoft added…” no, they didn’t, nor will they ever as they don’t develop it.

Posted by SamuriHL:

Alan, you should know better. :slight_smile:

              I know they do not give refunds but I would rather have the company tell the poster, I have learned it never hurts to ask, even though you may not get the response you are looking for. :iagree:

I know…I was just giving you a hard time. :slight_smile: It doesn’t hurt to ask, but, with an official policy like that stated on their purchase page, it seems rather…unlikely that a refund will be given.

Yes here we go again!

We tried and tried to get Clone DVD to listen but they wont!

You have to do as all of us who want better qaulity, use recode2 and shrink! :cop:

DVDShrink is one of the best shrink tools i know. But sometimes, you need CloneDVD2/AnyDVD for extremly copy protections to rip to HD and then working with DVD Shrink. To work with shrink is no waste of time. Good quality needs time… programms who use the CCE codec needs much hours :iagree:

DVDFab Platinum gives better quality than CloneDVD2. It needs about 30 Minutes to shrink from DVD9 to DVD5. It’s a real alternative and don’t need AnyDVD. But use of programms is a matter of opinion. Everybody like other things…

There’s no business case for them to do it. First off, they’re competing with a free product that has better compression. So right there, you get most of the people not wanting to pay for something that’s been upgraded. And it WILL cost them money to upgrade it. So rather than do that for an established technology like DVD, they’re most likely putting their resources into something they can make money on like HD.

MOST CloneDVD users that want better quality compression use CloneDVD to pre-process their movies and then compress with DVD Shrink or Recode or some other solution. This is fine for most of us.