CloneDVD vs. CloneCD

Can someone tell me the difference between these 2 programs? On slysoft’s site, it says CloneCD can backup DVD’s. Is CloneCD the same thing as CloneDVD but with the ability to burn music and mp3’s?


CloneCD is just for Cloning any media you want to backup.

CloneDVD is for ripping Video-DVDs only, i.e. compress a dvd to fit on a 4.7 GB disc, removing unwanted material, such as trailers or unwanted languages, etc…

clonecd is meant for trying to make exact copies of protected discs (usually games), while clonedvd is for making movie dvds fit onto a single layered dvd.

Thanks for the quick replies!

Im using CloneCD 5. The other day i tried backin up Final fantasy 7. To do this i go to copy copy cd then click game cd. When it is done it makes 2 files, an image file and a ccd file, sometimes a SUB file. Is this what is supposed to happen? And i haven’t tried burning them yet but to do this do I simply click “write from image file” and select the image file? Or is there more to doing this. Thanks guys.

P.S. it is a PS1 game and a CD (not dvd)

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