CloneDVD V3.xx on eBay

I see a guy acorss the pond who is selling CloneDVD V3.xx for under US$5. He sends to you as an attachment in a ZIP file. In his listing, he seems to say V3.xx includes a decrypter (is this what cracks the copy protection?).

I gambled the $5 as his feedback on the same item is very good.

I went to the official site for CloneDVD V3.xx and is says that this latest version has all the fixes to date which seems a good deal.

Anything anyone can tell me about this?


Spock, aka David

This is not the same CloneDVD we talk about in this forum. I think that CloneDVD2 from Elby is a much better product. The latest version of CloneDVD2 is

Yep you’ve been suckered

Yup somebody pulled the ol’ hoodwink on ya!!!

I went to check out Ebay to see if he was selling more and came up with an interesting find. I didn’t find anything on the ClonDVD v3XX but I did find somebody selling what appears to be a retail boxed vesion of CloneDVD2 from Houston Texas. The version is not listed but I am not aware of CloneDVD ever selling a boxed version. The price right now is 10.00 plus 5.00 shipping, I think Olli might find that interesting.

Here’s the link:

CloneDVD is and was selling in boxes. Not in stores in the US, but it is quite popular in Europe and Japan:

Is that on CD? It is only about 5 meg.

What else would you put it on?

I guess that is all it could be on. Lots of computers now come without floppy drives.

Indeed, but 5mb would be too much to put on a floppy anyway. :iagree:

They used to split them up. I remember installing Windows 3.1 from 6 or 8 floppies. CD’s are so cheap now it doesn’t matter, I guess I was remembering how expensive they were at first, and what a waste of space it is.

Yes, I am aware that they used to split them up, but they don’t have to anymore so why would anyone want to do extra work to split up their program when they could just put it on a cd? I sure as hell would not do it. :iagree:

Yes, you are right. If I can get cd’s now for 16 cents each, I imagine a company like Elby only has to pay a nickel or so.

Years ago, I got one of my CDs pressed, screen printed, packaged, and shrinkwrapped for under 25 cents each. So yes, it is pretty cheap to produce CDs. :iagree:

DJMind, just clicked on your web page link. Didn’t realize that you are a famous musician and producer. Couldn’t listen to your tracks though, because I really dislike RealPlayer.

Saw this on eBay. How can this seller sell this software so cheap Olli??


Maybe because the guy who sells it is a fraud? Or because he sells stolen keys?

OK, I see that the “CloneDVD” V3.xx isn’t the same as we are talking here.Now this may seem a stupid question, but what about International Copywrite laws? I for one mistook what I bought for under US$5 to be a next-gen of what we have here.

I got it in email and had some questions and asked the seller who was very helpful and even walked me thru an issue (which I had created) in IM. I’m using it now for the first time and it will be interesting to see if I have the same issue as before with my stand alone DVD player pausing many times and sometimes freezing up.

And I want to thank everyone here for their input on my questions.

Spock, aka David

Like 1/4 of the software on eBay is pirate anyway, and nearly all the stuff that the ofter to send it you via email/download link is. I wouldnt be suprised if this was also.

Forgive my ignorance, I damn sure need to get out more and see what the rest of the world is up to.:iagree: