CloneDVD v2.0.9.4 is out

At the usual place … :slight_smile:


Version 2004 06 12

  • Autoplay is always suppressed as long the main window is activate
  • fix to handle broken parental level entries
  • unspecified subtitles are enabled by default
  • avoid loading video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn’t exist
  • support to restore current window position and size
  • transcoding default animation is now the bitrate graph
  • added timeout to ElbyCDIO_LockTarget() to ElbyCDIO.dll
  • added Japanese translation to RegCloneDVD.exe
  • added Portuguese translation
  • updated Catalan translation
  • updated Spanish translation
  • updated Japanese manual
  • updated Italian manual

Tseting Report:
DVD Movie:RED DRAGON (DTS dual disc) Region3 Disc 1
Elby CloneDVD
Copy DVD Titles:
Video Format: MPEG2 NTSC 16:9 720*576
Play time: 2:04:19
Chapters: 21
1 Audio Stream
→English Dolby AC-3/6
4 Subtitles
Quality Bar:74%
DVD+R:That`s 4X DVD+R
Athlon XP3200+
Plextor PX-504A
1G DDR400

Toatl time:30m36s(including ripper to HDD)

DVD - Schindler’s List, part1 ( Russian release 2003 )

Ripped by SOHW812S USON @8x, written by NEC2500A 1.07 HV2B5DL @4x :

Media Information
Disc Regions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Media code/Manufacturer ID RITEK R02
Media Product Revision Number 01h
Application id ELBY CLONEDVD
Implementation id ELABORATE BYTES
Recording Date/Time (mm/dd/yyyy) 6/13/2004 8:28:58
Format Capacity 4.02GB(4.32GB)
Book Type DVD-ROM
Media Type DVD+R
Default DVD+RW book type DVD-ROM
Default DVD+R book type DVD-ROM
Media Id Code Speed 4.0x 5540KBps

Clonedvd2 v2.0.9.4 download. I have been to the SlySoft website cant get it to work is there anyother place I can download it?

Certainly. The correct one :

what i HATE about this product is when i click on the scissors icon i almost nothing appears to enable me to edit. why cannot this be fixed !

…which means that someting does appear anyway.

Kinda strange to hear that ,
since this feature has been working fine here since its Sneak Preview days :


Not a bug… just to mention…
Concerning “transcoding default animation is now the bitrate graph”…
It’s not my case !

  • Movie ripped by DVDdecrypter
  • Clone DVD2 -> copy DVD title menu (Main movie + menu) from ripped HD files
  • Output files on HD !

–> default animation is not the bitrate one !!!

does it let update?

Yes, it does.

When I installed over I did not get the bitrate graph. I had to uninstall the old version and install cleanly. Reinstalling the older version over the new version did not work.

Today I use CloneDVD 3.8.13 to back Bulletproof Monk(DTS Region 3)
Everything worked fine,but the bitrate graph is gone?
I do not konw what it will happen,I do not make any change as before
Hope someone can tell me that
Thank for your help! :bow:

Uninstall, make sure the folder has been removed, and then reinstall v2.0.9.4.

I uninstal to instal,in this thread yoou can see my test report
In my first to backup the bitrate graph does show,Today I backup DVD movie
the bitrate graph is gone@@…

I just uninstall again and reinstall it
the bitrate graph show again,its really make me wonder??

In my case as well the bitrate graph goes away after uninstall and subsequent reinstallation. It will default to the bitrate graph for the first use and upon next usage the goofy looking sheep is staring me in the face again. Most annoying.