CloneDVD v



Have I been tricked? I had a perfectly operating CloneDVD v and was offered the new v but I had to completely uninstall v Version has produced two coasters in my first two attempts. Is anyone else using CloneDVD v or have I been duped? Is there any way I can get back to my CloneDVD v


CloneDVD is fake one,this product belong to
You should download from elby website to get v2.7.5.1(the lastest version)
elby CloneDVD2 is real one


Thank you Marlowe for your help.


I hope that once the real version of CloneDVD hits 3.0 that they just skip right to 4.0 to help avoid confusion.

#5 will always skip one more version to be “first”.


Is there nothing you can do about these guys


Maybe. They use servers & accounting services in the US.


:iagree: :iagree: